Any motor vehicle intended to be used on public roads under the Motor Vehicles Act, must have a valid registration, which can only be obtained on payment of road tax. Vehicle tax is generally known as road tax, however registration certificate or RC from the date of its original issue from 15 It has to be renewed after the year. Thereafter, vehicle registration can be renewed every five years as long as it is deemed suitable for the RTO.

Every vehicle registered at each location will have a valid road tax as mandated by the law. Road tax or vehicle tax has to be renewed annually or every 6 to 12 months. A vehicle tax is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually. You will get it by checking it online to understand when it should be renewed.

Tax Renewal procedure for Vehicles

Steps required for vehicle tax renewal

Every vehicle owner must meet the requirements of at least three days of work before applying for road tax renewal. Let's see what the requirements are.

Road Tax Renewal Notice

This is an essential document without which you are not entitled to a valid road tax disc. Similarly, you may not receive road tax at the scene of the incident.

Motor Insurance Certificate or Cover Note

A motor insurance certificate or cover note is required to show that your vehicle insurance is constantly being renewed. Therefore, it is important to renew car insurance with a reputable and reliable auto insurance company.

Inspection Certificate

All vehicle inspections should be carried out at an approved testing centre. Similarly, the number plate should be checked and only off-peak cars should be certified.

Vehicle Parking Certificate

A vehicle parking certificate is mainly required for heavy vehicles and while renewing the road tax on heavy vehicles, it should always be ensured that the vehicle has a VPC.  It should be ensured that any outstanding penalty has been paid from HDB, URA, LTA, traffic police, etc.

Why should the vehicle tax be renewed?

It is advisable to avoid paying penalty fees for late renewal of road tax or vehicle tax. A vehicle road tax is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually. You can also pay vehicle tax online, you need to search for the validity of the motor vehicle licence to pay it online. As well as your ID and category have to be selected. You need to fill in your identification number and vehicle registration number and press the submit button.  The portal is required to provide details like the start date of road tax, expiry date, etc. along with the date. So that you do not miss the vehicle tax renewal date. For a smooth car removal process, the Australian tax procedure should be validated.

Delayed vehicle tax renewal and penalty

Do you know what to do if you miss the due date for the renewal of your vehicle tax? It should be remembered that if you have missed the due date for the renewal of your tax, you will be penalised if you drive with a vehicle tax that has expired for more than a year.