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Shipping Cargo to USA from Dubai - USA is a popular destination for shipping from UAE in general. Afxpress Cargo Services is committed to offering this service in accordance with the needs of the customer. In the transportation of furniture, household goods, and personal things from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the Emirates to the majority of American cities.

Mode of Shipment

For your ocean freight to USA, choose FCL or LCL.

Shipping to France can be accomplished in two ways: by ocean freight or by air freight. There are two types of ocean freight: full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) (LCL). FCL is an alternative if you do not wish to share containers with others. Your items will be dispatched in a manner unique to you. FCL is more flexible and adaptable than LCL.

Air Freight vs. Sea Freight

Sea freight is less expensive than air freight. You can choose a shipping mode based on the items you're mailing. For temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical items, air freight is the most secure option. For large items, such as furniture, sea freight is a possibility.

Shipping Fees

Shipping costs are determined by a variety of criteria, including: • the weight of the shipment • the timeframe for package delivery • the location of the package

Documents required for shipping to the USA

If you are sending small packages to the United States, you will need to include a customs invoice with your cargo. This invoice should specify the type and value of the item(s) shipped, as well as the sender's and, if possible, the receiver's identities. This invoice should save you time and, more importantly, money by avoiding shipping delays and additional expenses. A full description of the item(s) in the shipment should be included on the customer's invoice.

Tax and Duties

You will be asked to present your social security or tax ID number upon arrival of your shipment(s) to the United States, and in order for you to receive it. We shall submit an entry form to Customs that identifies the receiver or sender of this package. Following that, Customs will compare the sender's or receiver's name with their records using the social security or tax ID numbers provided, as well as the name and address provided upon entry.

You cannot ship the following items to USA

Hunting and game trophies


Explosives and firearms

Alcohol, gold, and illegal narcotics (cocaine, heroin, etc.)


Major Shipping ports in USA are: 

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, , Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Detroit, 

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