There are times in our lives when we cannot help but feel helpless. And no matter how hard one tries to avoid it; this weird sad feeling gets to us every time. It can be because of a small lovers’ spat, a disagreement among friends, some family drama boiling up, or just a day with “gloom” and “despair” written all over them. This is when we all need that tub of full fat, creamy chocolate chip ice cream, comfy fuzzy pillow, and few shots of happiness, laughs and motivation to get back up on our feet or to get a simple feeling of warmth in our hearts. Feel-Good movies are a part of this small package that comes in handy when Monday blues stretch a little too much and take over the whole week.

What Exactly is a Feel-Good Movie?

Feel-good is not a specific genre but just a collection of movies – any kind of movie – that is capable of putting a smile on your face and uplifting your spirits. Depending on your choices, it can be an intense sci-fi movie, a typical movie night rom-com where the main characters end up together, or a comedy-action-thriller liker Johnny English. Those among us who are into watching anime and reading manga will recognize the “Feel-Good” genre as “Slice of Life”, which fits perfectly with the bitter-sweet nature of these movies because what is life without a series of ups and downs, right?

Picking a Movie – Harder than Sophies’ Choice Itself

The problem with plenty of options is the lack of direction you face when making a decision. And that decision-making process becomes even harder if you are looking to have a movie night to cheer yourself up. Maybe that’s why most of us just go ahead and watch Weekend at Bernie’s again and again. The fish in this sea are endless, and they are all equally appetizing. With timeless classics like Devil Wears Parada, Forrest Gump, Dumb and Dumber, Little Miss Sunshine, and La La Land and the new cult classics, the line of potential movies doesn’t seem to end.

The even bigger battle is between the classics and the trending box office hits. While keeping up with the latest movie news around the town is an important thing for some people, others prefer the classics, and a few even more perplexed viewers are stuck somewhere in the middle of the two. We get it though, deciding whether you want to watch Anne Hathaway getting some serious wardrobe and personality makeovers in Devil Wears Parada and Princess Diaries or Julia Roberts making her way through life eating, praying, and love is a very difficult decision to make.

Another dilemma with Feel-Good movies is the endless stream of genres. Any movie that makes you feel good about yourself, a certain feeling or just life, in general, fits the criteria and the movies available are uncountable. There is no telling which one will suit your mood the best at a given moment. And while we do realize the Legally Blonde has it all, there could be some great finds like Intouchables, Pride, Little Women, and To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

Are Online Recommendations Our Savior?

The one universal solution to every problem that millennials face nowadays seems to be “going online”. From “Your car broke down in the middle of nowhere? Go online.” to “You were broken up with out of nowhere? Go online.”, the internet seems to have all the answers. Similarly, when people see that they cannot decide which movie to watch, they go online. Several platforms offer recommendations based on the storyline, theme, and characters of a movie from all genres, and these ‘online experts’ certainly seem to know what they are talking about.

But the problem with these recommendations is that they are always picked from curated lists that contain movies, which are made just for the genre – the typical happy go lucky movies – liked by “most” or the ones that did well at the box office. These online blog posts and articles about recommendations often leave out many worth-watching hidden gems that could be a part of your collection. Another thing that these suggestions from the experts do not have is the understanding of every reader’s taste. If you are more of a Narnia and Lord of The Rings kind of person and the article is suggesting you go and watch a documentary, you are bound to think “…what even?”

Going to the Real Experts

The fatal flaw of online reviews and recommendations of movies from the experts is often made by people like us when we should have been going to our friends and asking for recommendations. Seems like a much smarter move. While your friends will hook you up with some great finds, there is always a good chance of them saying “oh man, I swear I know a movie that you’d love but I can’t remember the name” (which is normal). We stumble across great movies all the time, watch them, and then forget about them until we hear its name again.

Cut Out the Noise with Friendspire

Friendspire has a single-step solution for these problems. Since we all prefer to watch movies that our friends and family recommend to us instead of going with random strangers on the internet, it makes sense to bring all these suggestions from friends to a single place where there is no way of losing them. Friendspire allows you and your circle to rate movies based on their own experience, leave reviews, and create a buzz for the ones you feel in the need for some attention from the folks. Since there are many ways one can easily find the top-grossing hits of any year, Friendspire focuses on showing you whether any of your friends think that any of these top feel-good movies to watch are actually worth your time. The power of friendship can beat the top villain of the series, and it sure can save people from going with things that are not their taste. This is why “I’ll Be There for You” is such a fitting theme for ‘Friends’ – always there for you ready with anything that will bring back that lively, cheerful smile.