Miitomo APK App Free  Reviews and Features : Download Nintendo's First App Miitomo,had over a million downloads since launch; it has also topped the charts install on both iOS and Android in Japan, the latter being important as Miitomo has beaten the hugely popular Line to the top spot.The app, in case you still don't know, allows users to create and customize their Miis, through which they interact with other users in real time. Nintendo recently said that it's next smartphone offering would be a gaming app involving a familiar character.

Miitomo launched exclusively in Japan last Friday at number two on the iOS App Store. Shortly afterwards it climbed past Puzzle and Dragons Radar to claim the top spot. Now, just three days after release in a single territory, Nintendo has another reason to celebrate.

Those who'd like to join the app's million users can do so by following our Miitomo import guide. Those who'd rather wait for its official western release later this month can always check out our Miitomo preview instead.

Miitomo APK App


  • Version: 1.1.0 (55700)
  • arm 
  • Package: com.nintendo.zaaa 
  • 31.75 MB (33,294,260 bytes)
  • Min: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
  • Target: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
  • nodpi
  • 954c3d66f109b75aac459c486e25fcf7
  • Added feature for making friends with friends of your friends.
  • Mutual friends will now appear in the list of suggested friends.
  • Added the "View online answers" button to the All Answers screen.
  • Changed hashtag and image for sharing an answer to the event version.
  • Fixed other issues. 

Miitomo also ties into My Nintendo, which also launched today in Japan and replaces the old Club Nintendo rewards program. There’s a pretty convoluted system involving various coins, but the upshot is that you can earn points both by buying and playing Nintendo games, Miitomo included, and redeem them for other games, coupons, and so on. Nintendo hasn’t ever created a console-wide points feature like Xbox Live achievements or PlayStation trophies, but if it applies the concept consistently to upcoming titles, it might have the most motivating implementation yet.

Miitomo is definitely a strong start but the real expectation on the DeNA and Nintendo partnership is what they will do with games on mobile. Gaming needs to somehow resolve the mobile approach with a traditional console mentality. Both DeNA and Nintendo represent the two parts to that problem and we have still yet to see whether the merging of those skill-sets will result in anything coherent.You can arrange your Mii into endless poses and set it against various backgrounds or your own photos. The app asks you to snap a new picture whenever you change your appearance, and these are shareable both within Miitomo itself and to pretty much any other app via the share sheet. Maybe I just have odd friends, but Miitomo goes out of its way to suggest the surreal, with a huge variety of wild poses and facial expressions.