1. Do it for the money. You know it doesn’t buy happiness. It never has. Yes, you need to eat, but contrary to popular belief, you can buy food with money you make from doing things that matter. It might not start out as big money. But if you stay true to it, it will likely become big. And if it doesn’t, who cares? It’s not about the money. It’s about fulfillment. Most things done purely for money don’t provide fulfillment. Most fulfilling things you’re truly dedicated to provide money.

2. Do it for the title or status. Who cares if there’s a PhD, MD or CFO next to your title? What people think of you does not effect long-term enjoyment. It starts from inside. If you’re doing it to sound good at a bar or at the sports club, that’s generally a sign to hit yourself over the head.

How to Hate Your Job : Top 10 Facts ..!!!!

3. Do it because your family did it. Just because your three brothers, both parents and your uncle were doctors, does not make that your purpose. It’s just one of the unlimited options. Keep looking.

4. Do it because it’s the most prestigious job out of college. Do you even know what prestigious is at that point? That’s what I thought. You’re just taking someone else’s word for it. When I got out of college, everyone thought investment banking was the best job ever. Right up until a few of them found themselves sleeping under their desks 4 days a week. Go for excitement, not prestige.

5. Do it so people won’t think you’re an idiot. So what if you wanted to be a neuroscientist when you were little? Now maybe you love teaching yoga and helping people stay fit. So what if your rock star grades weren’t necessary to do what you’re doing. You know how to really look smart? Spend your time in a way that matters to you.

6. Only do work related to your specific job role. Big companies often have tightly defined job roles. If you are in charge of stacking boxes, are you really going to do nothing but stack boxes? Find a way to add more value. See if the boxes could be designed more effectively. Get creative. How could you grow any other way? My first job was nonstop number crunching, but I loved branding and positioning, so I worked with my boss to understand how and why customers bought the products we managed. It made us both better.

7. Don’t understand yourself. It’s quite possible to go four years through advanced education, and perhaps through your whole life, without learning a thing about the most important subject. Take the time to know you. Do the work. That’s exactly why I created Live Off Your Passion. If you haven’t checked it out already, it’s worth a look.

8. Don’t try to learn new skills and become an expert in your field. It’s easy to follow in the haze of an inefficient workplace. Same thing every day. Do something about it. Find a way to do your job in 7 hours instead of 8 (or in many cases 2 hours instead of 8). Use the rest of your time to make yourself better.

If you don’t have a job, don’t wander around begging for one. Go out and get some freakin’ skills. Attract employers. You know, you can job hunt while you become an expert. A year and a half ago I decided I didn’t want finance to be my only skill, so I decided to do everything I could to learn about online business and building a career around work you love. I now get paid real money to help people on just that. In many people’s eyes, I’m an expert (it’s all relative). That only took a year. In many cases, it can be much shorter.

9. Appear busy just to impress people. Either be busy doing things that matter, or leave so that you can do things that matter. It is not acceptable for presence to be a show of hard work. That trains laziness. Many large companies still do it because they don’t have another easy way of accountability. Work your ass off, show your boss what you did. If you have to stay, then pick up another activity at work so you can keep growing. If ass-in-chair time is all that matters, do everyone a favor and quit. There is a better place for you.

10. Do work that someone less skilled could do. Just because it’s inside your job role, does not mean you have to do it. The possibilities with outsourcing are incredible. If you can’t outsource it, then find a colleague who really likes the task and trade with them.