Best Audio Subwoofers in 2014

If you've got associate system or a theater system at your home, then you actually understand that the standard of the sound is crucial – particularly if you're smitten by video games or movies, and you wish to expertise them to the utmost quality. so as for the expertise to be complete, you may have to be compelled to invest in an exceedingly high-quality subwoofer that may generate the mandatory bass. Here you may realize the tending audio subwoofers in 2014 .

MartinLogan generator 300:

The subwoofer delivers a extremely effective sound with a really low distortion rate, it comes with a generous 75-watt electronic equipment still as a polypropene cone speaker system that measures eight inches in diameter. The subwoofer delivers associate degree extreme bass output because of the low turbulence port that's embedded in it, still on the sturdy and durable construction of the device. It will be connected not solely to your reproducer, however conjointly to your theater system.

Klipsch Sub-12HG:

This is a twelve in., three hundred Watt subwoofer that's a part of the synergism series and it's designed by Klipsch,as well as a high gloss trim out there in an exceedingly black color. this can be a really reasonable subwoofer that comes with a exactness matches BASH sound electronic equipment for the most effective sound quality, still as 650 watts of dynamic power. If you're longing for a subwoofer that extends the vary of the bass, then look no any than the Klipsch Sub-12HG as this one delivers high dynamics and performance of any theater or system. different notable options and functions embody the variable low-pass filter, the extent adjustment that enables you to attach it to nearly any system still because the RCA inputs.

 Subwoofers in 2014


The JBL ES250PBK could be a superior supercharged subwoofer with a diameter of twelve inches that is formed from high quuality polyose fiber and it's terribly light-weight however sturdy and sturdy at identical time. Moreover, it options a strong four hundred Watt electronic equipment, it comes with a bass reflex port designed for low distortion and deeper bass and it additionally comes with a chemical compound coating designed to uniform the motion of the pistons. These speakers aren't solely superior, however they squares additionally terribly fashionable and stylish and that they are excellent for your front room.

Sharp HT-SB40:

Manufactured by the Sharp company, the HT-SB40 is truly a wireless subwoofer and an influence soundbar that's excellent for residential use and it matches a number of the foremost advanced models of TVs, as well as the forty in. category TVs. Also, it comes with decoders for psychosis and for electrical engineer, beside associate degree optical input and several other twin HDMI inputs still, for the simplest skillfulness on the market.

Theater Solutions SUB12F:

The number one subwoofer on the list is actually the arena Solutions SUB12F because it comes with an influence of five hundred Watts still as a 12-inch surround sound HD subwoofer. this can be a supercharged associate degreed active subwoofer that comes in an exceedingly fashionable black color and it's excellent as an addition to a theater system, particularly at identical time, this front firing subwoofer is extremely economical and it delivers an occasional frequency, it's high level L/R input and output spring terminals and it additionally comes with a inbuilt car shut off feature still. Overall, the arena Solutions SUB12F is actually value your cash and your attention.

Yamaha YST-SW012:

This is a smaller active subwoofer that measures solely eight inches and it comes with a magnetic shielding still as a high one hundred W dynamic power. The subwoofer additionally includes a low frequency response still as a linear port designed to maximise the extraneous noise – overall, if you're longing for an energetic front-firing subwoofer then the Yamaha YST-SW012 is actually one among the most effective ones you'll get for the cash.

Polk Audio PSW10:

Designed by James Polk Audio, the PSW10 monitor series high-powered subwoofer is obtainable in a sublime black color and This subwoofer measures ten inches in diameter and it's a inbuilt electronic equipment that's designed to deliver a bass of the very best quality. At identical time, it's a optical device primarily based Klippel activity technology for the foremost precise sound.

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Trending Subwoofers always makes smarter look,however,selecting the best always hard. Make Your right choice at the best here listed.